Thursday, October 20, 2011

A True Tale of Entertaining Angels Unawares (LLJL)

I was running the Carousel at work the other day...                                                             And even though I normally love being assigned there, this particular day I was feeling a little down but,                                      I was determined to keep my Spirits high for the kids...
Toward the end of my shift as a sweet little boy and his grandfather were exiting,            I was saying my usual cheery "Bye-bye's!", when he stopped suddenly and in a surprising gesture held out his arms to me...
Shocked, as this rarely, if ever, happens, I bent down to this little cherub and received the most loving, warm, long hug than I can ever remember...
I was literally brought to tears as I thanked him and told him gratefully, that he had made my day!
I had been concerned over some issues in my life, and at that moment I realized that this bundle of love, this sweet, unassuming little angel...
Was truly sent to me as a sign...that everything was fine...and that all was indeed well in my world...
And I was reminded of the Biblical words...
"Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing, some people have entertained angels unaware." Heb. 13:2
Look always through the eyes of your Heart and become aware, for there are signs of the glory everywhere and that we are not alone...
But these signs are never more prevalent than in the seemingly random acts of love and kindness we give to one another...
Much Gratitude and Heartfelt Blessings to You, my Beloved Little Earth Angel...
May Your Life Always be Graced with Abundance, Joy and Love!

Does God Have A Hero? Eric P. McCarty

When you close
your eyes
and see God
You are God's Hero.

When you open your eyes
and see God in everyone,
You are God's Hero.

When you let anger pass you by,
with a smile
upon your lips,
You are God's Hero.

When you hold love
in your heart
and peace within
your mind,
You are God's Hero.

When you behold
the beauty of a
and feel the kinship
with all living things,
You are God's Hero.

When you look at someone
who is different,
and see only how you are alike,
You are God's Hero.

When you feel more joy
in helping another,
than you do
in your own personal gain,
You are truly God's Hero.

When you hear
the true name of God
in every man's religion,
You are a Hero to God.

When you can hear
the silent voice of God
in the wind,
the birds,
or even the
roar of a crowd,
You will hear God
calling You a Hero.

When you take time everyday,
for silent communion
with God,
She listens and You are God's Hero.

When you can see
beyond appearances
and have the wisdom
to see Gods truth
that we are all truly One,
Again,you are God's Hero.

When you have compassion
and love for
even those with whom
you may disagree,
You are a Hero to all mankind and to God.

When you know
that forgiveness is blessed
and forgive all,
No matter how large or small
that trespass against you,
You will be God's Hero.

When you give love to all,
holding none back,
you will know love
for yourself,
for God,
And you will be Her Hero.

When you demonstrate patience
with others
and see Divine Good
in everyone and every event,
You will have learned to see God everywhere,
and you will be Her Hero.

When you trust in God
with all your heart,
Knowing that the Universe
is formed from Love,
your trust will pay off
with love, abundance, joy,
And the knowledge
That you are God's Hero.

When your desire to know God
is so great
that in desperation
you finally give up searching for Her
where She never has been found,
You will find Her
where She has always been,
Ready to welcome
Her Hero Home.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

...The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated....

Was just thinking, (which in my case is almost always a dangerous feat:),
Of the quote by I believe, Mark Twain..."The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated"...In reference to an obituary that had been mistakenly published while he was still alive.

I was reminded of one of my favorite tasks when writing for the paper of doing obituaries,
And also, advance obituaries for someone famous that the paper will just periodically update and then pull up and use once that person has passed...
I always loved this task, the supreme honor of putting to pen the Celebration of One's Life...

But I always wondered if these people really knew, while they were still alive and much they were revered and loved!

And it got me to wondering what I would like most to be remembered for in my life and what will be said of me when I make that great transition...
And just thinking why do we wait to say those things until after someone has passed...

Wouldn't it be nice to be reminded of how others view us and of the contribution that we have made in their lives, before we have crossed over...

Take the time today, to tell as many people in your sphere, what their presence has really meant to you in your and now...don't wait until they have left this earthly existence:)

Better yet, make time, make plans, to make memories and share as many precious few  moments with them as you possibly can...
Don't Wait!
Just Do It!
Do it Now!